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The History of UK Vintners

A UK vintners has the ability to tell you what kind of grapes are used in your bottle of wine, where those grapes were picked, and when the harvest was. They are merchants of wine with direct connections to the owners of the vineyards. Today this name is given to any winemaker by most people in America, but it stood for so much more in the past.

History of UK Vintners

In the 14th and 15th centuries, UK vintners had money and power. They worked with the vigneron, the owner of the vineyard. At this time, in history transportation was not what it is today and the owners of the vineyards had trouble connecting customers to their wine. UK Vintners took the role of the online sale of English wine. They would deal only in wine and the ingredients to make it. So, the vigneron plants the grapes, tends to the vines growth, and harvests. The grapes collected are given to the vintner. He then sells it to another dealer.

Buying Up the Supplies and Manufacturing the Goods

A negotiant is another kind of UK wine merchant. They will buy the produce of others and resell them. Even wine that is not yet complete is something that they would look to trade. The negotiant is the winemaker and takes care of bottling the product. The equipment used was too expensive for the farmers at the time, but the negotiants gained a corner in the market. The wine press and bottling lines made it possible to turn those grapes into wine and sell for a very high profit rate.

It is a pretty simple process to manufacture alcohol, but to make a truly good wine, a lot of attention needs to be put into the type of grapes used, material of the holding tanks, and the amount of time that you let it age. As things have become easier for vineyard owners to connect with clients, the English wine business has changed a bit. The owner of the vineyard can make and sell his own wine without the help of the others. Times have changed, and the system from so long ago has almost become obsolete.

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