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Traveling Vineyard’s Amazing Business Ideas

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that deals with wine tasting and wine selling at the comfort of one’s home. Rick Libby holds the president’s position in the business, and under his leadership, the company’s sales have grown immensely. Rick got this idea of networking from his friend’s wife experience and decided to use the same strategy to sell wine. The networking idea involves individuals who would like to work from home or those who want to make money at their own free time. Traveling Vineyard offers the opportunity to people where they can work with flexible hours. Working moms can also benefit from Traveling Vineyard because taking care of kids is a full-time job yet it has no pay. A mom who has some free hours can decide to engage in the business and make money as well.

Traveling Vineyard’s Success kit is the first thing to purchase when one is interested in the business. The whole pack includes marketing materials, brochures, wine glasses, wine carrying bags, and order forms which are bought at $99. For one to start the job, two tasting sets should also be purchased, and they go at a price of $75. The purpose of getting two tasting sets is to prevent being out of stock. Once an individual buys all that they become a wine guide and if they get to sell the tasting sets at $150 a bonus of the $75 is awarded to the wine guide. The initial purchasing capital is earned back, and the sales continue. Inviting a new friend is also encouraged because when friends sell wine worth $750 the one who brought them receives a bonus of $100.

A personal website is also offered, and the site is maintained for free the first three months then the wine guide should be able to pay $15.95 after those first months and on wards. The site enables the guide to post their events and also people can order from the site. To be successful in the business one has to be able to connect with new people and network the business. One should also be able also to hold events where they get to expose the products to their friends and other people. The easiest way for the guides would be to host parties at their own homes because it is comfortable and also price friendly. A wine guide benefits from the companies trip and also reduced prices on the product when they want to purchase the products. Traveling Vineyard is a company that is giving people the chance to make careers while doing other day to day activities. The starting capital is also affordable and easy to get started with Traveling Vineyard. The company has an excellent reputation when it comes to helping women make money even when they are full-time moms.

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