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Alex Pall: Chainsmokers are Giving Face to DJing

In 2016 the Chainsmokers released their first ever single in which one of them was singing. In their earlier songs sung as Roses and Don’t let me down they had made use of songwriters and vocalists in order to add a human element to the performances. This was in an attempt to give their music more soul and have the duo become accepted as having feelings and thoughts instead just faceless beat makers. Chainsmokers desire to reveal themselves to their audiences. The group hopes to give their performances more life by integrating their voices into their performances.

In an interview with Interview Magazine Alex Pall spoke on the duo’s evolution and the changes they are bringing to the industry and their music. He explains that he and Andrew Taggart were introduced by his current manager. He had been DJing for a while as a hobby. He loved dance music and noting that it was taking over his life and he chose to try it out seriously that was when he was introduced to Taggart.

Taggart was in school at the time and was also considering taking DJing seriously as he had always loved electronic music. When they met they immediately started working together until they found their sound. Alex Pall points out that he believed they were going to work out from the beginning in because they took time to communicate.

They soon realized that they were equally driven to achieve their goals and they shared similar values. Their differences were also complementary since Taggart is a great producer while Alex Pall had the contacts to get them gigs, He basically did marketing. On their album, he pointed out that they want to produce music that is about them and they just do not want to leave the music to songwriters. They ensure that they either write the songs themselves or work together with the songwriters.

About Alex Pall

Alex Pall is one part of the DJing duo CHainsmokers. He attended the New York University and has been part of Chainsmokers as from 2012. The group’s 2012 album was called Memories… Not Open.