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Travel Information

The Council Rock Basketball Association is made up of two leagues, intramural and travel.


The intramural league is made up of a 2nd grade co-ed , 3rd & 4th grade girls, 5th & 6th grade girls, 7th & 8th grade girls, 9th to 12th grade girls, and 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th to 12th grade boys programs. The league is designed as instructional at the younger ages. At all ages, the league mandates an equal playing time rule. It is the rule that every child, on every team plays an equal amount of time in each game. Teams have one practice and one game each week.


The travel league is designed for those players who desire a more committed level of basketball. Teams travel to other communities in the area and may play or practice several times per week. There is no equal playing time rule and there is no guarantee that your child will play equally or even during each and every game. Please understand that the Association administration and/or board will generally not entertain complaints about playing time in the travel leagues. All questions about the travel leagues, including playing time, should be directed to the coach or boys travel coordinator or girls travel coordinator.

Travel teams traditionally play games in two different travel leagues in the immediate area. Whereas the intramural league determines eligibility solely by grade, the travel league determines eligibility based on a child's age. As an example, in order for your child to be eligible to play in the under age 13 Suburban league games, he/she must be under 13 years of age before 9/01/11.

This season we hope that we will be able to field boys and girls teams in some if not all of the following: under 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 age groups. Of course this is dependant on having access to sufficient time in school district gyms and sufficient demand at that age group. If your child is interested in trying out for travel, you must complete the on-line registration or register at walk-in. If your child does not make the travel team or elects to not play travel, your travel fee will be returned. The extra travel fee is used to defray the extra cost of travel expenses, including league registrations. Registration fees are based on the more expensive alternative among the various travel leagues available. If we elect to go with a less expensive league, a partial refund is possible.

No child will be permitted to try out for a travel team without a completed registration. This can be done on-line or at walk-in (9/13 and 9/17).

Thank you.

Miracle League

CRBA supports the Miracle League Northampton

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